Here’s why you need to try Vida 365

  If you are looking for a fresh locally owned restaurant to try out, you have to try Vida 365 in Clermont, Florida. This isn’t just a tasty restaurant, it is a gluten free environment with scrumptious choices that are healthy as well. The best part next to the food is the owners and the atmosphere. When you visit Vida 365 you will notice the instant positive energy and friendliness of the staff. If you come back a second time, chances are they will remember you by name and make you feel like family. You will love their infused water,… Read More

Trying Hawkers in Orlando for the first time

Ever think it is fun to go try exotic food that you don’tnormally eat? Ever go to a restaurant and look at a menu and say to yourself“Wow, I want some of that, some of that, and oh, definitely some of that”? Orjust want to keep it light but have that friend in the group who is superhungry? My wife and I love exploring exotic places where we can order somethingknowing we have no clue how to make it in our kitchen or have the urge to evenattempt the difficult process of doing so. Some examples would be ChickenBulgogi, Roasted… Read More

Have you been to Disney Springs yet?

I recently went to Disney Springs (formerly known as Downtown Disney). I think this was the first time I’ve been there since they completed ALL of their renovating, and I must say, it was worth the wait! It has this new, modern, Tuscan-inspired vibe to it, and it’s really neat. There are shops, entertainment, restaurants, and more. Overall, it’s a fun time for all ages! The first thing I want to make note of is the parking. Disney Springs has free parking in their newly built parking garages. I did not have a single issue finding a parking spot, so… Read More

How My Mini-Van Taught Me Contentment

You’re probably asking yourself how or why someone would ponder such deep thoughts about a mini-van. Is she bored, is she crazy? (The jury is still out on the latter. I mean, I do have a seven year old and a three year old, so crazy is not that farfetched.) The love hate relationship that I have with my mini-van is unlike any I have experienced with a vehicle. As I pack my rambunctious brood into the van for the umpteenth time, I am very aware of the wear and tear that this vehicle endures on a daily basis. From… Read More

7 Questions to Ask a REALTOR® When You’re Ready to Sell Your Home

When you finally decide to sell your home, there’s a lot more to it than posting a sign in front of your house and hoping for the best. The real estate agent you choose to list your home can make or break your chances of selling quickly and getting the highest possible price for your home. Most people choose a REALTOR® based on recommendations from friends and family or from advertising they see around town or online. But we suggest you take it a step further. Your home is an investment, so you don’t want to trust it to just… Read More

What up on the Waterfront?

Clermont’s waterfront has been home for the Lake County Rowing Association (LCRA) for the past 3 years. Frequently seen practicing or competing on Lake Minnehaha, these individual rowers and teams of 4 or 8 rowers glide across the lake at all hours of the day. Located at 1050 Victory Way in downtown Clermont, Florida, LCRA occupies the Clermont Boathouse, a 5,000 square ft building adjacent to the city boat ramp. Competitive and recreational rowers range in age from 12 to over 90, so it is never too early or too late to take up the sport. Each year LCRA hosts… Read More

What’s Up On the Waterfront?

By MJ Coleman, Broker Associate, Lead Listing Agent Looking for something to do outdoors on the weekend? There is no better place to start than the Clermont Waterfront Park. The park is located in Clermont, Florida along beautiful Lake Minneola, between East Avenue and Eighth Street. There is plenty of parking and there is a sandy beach, restrooms, picnic areas, a splash pad and playgrounds. This Friday night they are showing Movies under the stars. Hosted by the Clermont Fire Department, this event will feature family friendly movies. Bring a blanket and the kids and a neighbor or two to… Read More

Why Clermont?

By Tommy Mydlo, REALTOR®, Buyer Specialist I moved to the Clermont, Florida, area 18 years ago from upstate New York. My wife’s family has been coming to this area for more than 30 years, vacationing and living here off and on. We have seen this community grow and continue to see it evolve. I was speaking with a local builder and he made a statement that stuck with me. He said, “Clermont just reminds me of home.” With the rolling hills, lots of green and, of course, lakes, it looks like where you are from. It doesn’t matter if you… Read More

How to Juggle a Million Things at Once

By Emily Strzelczyk, Marketing Specialist If you’re like me, you probably always have a lot on your plate and you might find it hard to balance it all. You have your priorities, but you want to make time for things that bring you joy as well. A little background on me: I’m a full-time student while working in the field of real estate. I’m also married, and ladies, you can agree that having a husband is a full-time job in itself. On top of all of that, finding the time to keep the house in order, do the laundry, dishes,… Read More