What to Do Before You List

Imagine that you’re getting ready to sell a car. I’m sure you wouldn’t just pull into the dealership with your coffee still in the cupholder and fast food wrappers still in the backseat. Instead, you’d probably clean and declutter to get your vehicle ready for sale. Why? You know this would save you money. So, don’t you think you should do the same for your home listing, as well? There are a four key ways you can prepare if you are going to be listing your home on the market. 1. Make your home picture perfect. All of your personal items… Read More

You Still Have Time to File Your Homestead Exemption

Filing for your homestead exemption is one of the best parts about homeownership. Today I’m going to explain why. If you’re currently living in a home that you’ve purchased and that home is also your primary residence, you need to make sure you file for your homestead exemption. If you’ve done so already, you don’t need to do it again. However, if you purchased a new home in Florida in 2017 and it is your permanent residence, you may be eligible for a Homestead Exemption, which could result in savings on your property taxes. The homestead exemption protects your property taxes… Read More