A Quick Update on the Real Estate and Interest Rate Markets

If you saw my video earlier in the year, I gave a prediction that interest rates were going to start increasing. That has started to happen. Since the first of the year, we’ve seen a 0.5% increase. I wanted to break that down for you and what it means to you as a buyer or a seller. Let’s say you were to buy a home at $300,000 and do a conventional loan with 20% down. The interest rate that you’d be paying on that loan today would be around 4.625%. The loan amount would be $240,000 and the monthly payment would be… Read More

Do You Know Anyone Looking for a Career in Real Estate?

Do you know anyone who’s looking to start a real estate career? Our team has open positions and we’re on the lookout for individuals who possess the following characteristics: Being loyal Having a servant’s heart Being growth-minded Is a team player If you know someone with these qualities who’s interested in being a part one of the best teams in Lake County, feel free to reach out to us and let us know. They don’t have to currently have their real estate license, but if they do, that’s always beneficial. Email us at careers@mkghomes.com and we’d be happy to talk… Read More