Our Road Map to Success for First-Time Homebuyers

As a first-time homebuyer, there’s a step-by-step roadmap to success that we want to share with you to make sure you have the best purchase possible. First, before you head out on your adventure, check your equipment. By this, I mean pay your bills on time and check your creditworthiness. Remember, the higher your FICO score, the lower your monthly payment. If your credit score is high, your monthly mortgage payment will be more comfortable than the rent you’re used to paying. After that, save some money. You’ll need funds for your down payment, closing costs, inspections, surveys, the appraisal, and anything… Read More

Don’t Let These 7 Misconceptions Keep You From Your Dream Home

If you are looking at purchasing a new home, you probably have an idea of how the process works and what you need to succeed. Today I want to talk to you about the seven misconceptions that buyers have about the real estate process. You need to have a 20% down payment. There are plenty of people who purchase homes with much less than 20% down. In fact, some programs even allow you to forgo a down payment altogether. To determine which program best suits your needs, I highly recommend getting in touch with a lender. You have to have… Read More