8 Ways You Can Make the Most of Your Summer

Have you and your family been brainstorming ideas about how to have fun this summer? Today I’ll provide you with a list of free or inexpensive suggestions about how you can make the most of the season. If you like the outdoors: Try taking the kids to the splash pad in the downtown waterfront area—it only costs $2! At Lake Louisa, there are nature trails, like the West Orange Trail, to hike as well as kayaks and canoes to rent. The Showcase of Citrus is another great opportunity for fun. There are places to take photos, take a ride in… Read More

What’s Coming Into Clermont?

  What kind of bars, restaurants, condominiums, and other establishments can you expect coming into Clermont in the near future? Let’s start with the downtown Clermont area. If you’ve seen a bunch of new construction downtown and you’re wondering what’s going on, we have some exciting news. We have a 17-unit condominium being built called Victory Point Condos. They’ll start breaking ground on this condominium in late 2018 and pre-selling condos in the $350,000 range. Moving on to bars and restaurants, here are a few that will debut downtown soon: Yellow Dog Eats. If you haven’t tried them out yet,… Read More