4 Home Upgrades That Are Worth Making Before You Sell

When you’re selling your home, be careful about which upgrades you make prior to putting it on the market. Not all renovation projects are worth the hassle. So, what upgrades are worthwhile? Today, we’d like to share four upgrades that offer a strong return on investment.   1. Adding a fresh coat of paint. I know this sounds simple, but this small upgrade has a major impact. Freshly painted walls give the appearance that your home has been well taken care of. Make sure to stick with neutral colors, though, as these will appeal to a higher portion of buyers…. Read More

What Are the Signs of a Shifting Market?

Most people are aware that real estate conditions vary over time, but do you know how to identify a shifting market? Today, we’ll list seven key signs that indicate such a change. 1. Homes stay on the market longer. In other words, the average number of days listings spend on the market goes up during (and just before) a shift. 2. Inventory increases. If you don’t already know, the term “month’s supply of inventory” refers to the amount of time it would take for the market to run out of properties if no new ones were listed during that span…. Read More