What Can You Find Inside the Citrus Tower?

Today we’re visiting the Citrus Tower, one of Florida’s first tourist attractions, and speaking with its new managing operator Scott Homan about what’s been happening lately with this famous building.  Since taking over in January, things have been pretty hectic for Scott and his wife. During the first month, they looked at bringing in a coffee shop and explored some other options, but then a rush of ideal businesses they were looking for entered the fray, including Happy Troll Games, a board game store, and Tower Arcade and Lounge.  What they’re really excited for, though, is the addition of Mountaineer… Read More

Tips for the Non-Traveling World Traveler

By Brandie Mathison-Klein, CEO My husband and I recently had the opportunity to visit Rome, Italy which has been on our bucket list for many years. What an amazing experience! If you have ever been to New York City, you can kind of get a feel for the traffic and bustle of people that Rome has. We thankfully took the advice from a few friends who had traveled there, which made our experience much better. Here are the top 3 travel tips that I would have to give to you if you are planning a trip to Rome any time… Read More

How to Purchase a Home Without Credit

Recently, I had the privilege of speaking with Kristin Jamieson of Success Mortgage about ways buyers can purchase property if they don’t have a credit history. There are many people out there who choose not to utilize credit, and it’s important to realize that having no credit is not at all the same thing as having bad credit. One option Kristin outlined for those who don’t have credit but would like to buy a home is to establish a credit profile using alternative tradelines. In other words, Kristin and her team can evaluate potential buyers based on their payment history… Read More

Educating You About the Assisted Living Process for Your Loved One

Having the conversation about moving our loved ones into assisted living is never an easy one. Luckily, David Hopkins from the Benton House Senior Living is here with me today to make it a little easier by shedding light on this delicate topic.    Changes to your aging loved one’s eating habits can be indicative of their general well being. When asked what they had for dinner the night before, your loved one may describe the hearty meal they cooked up for themselves in great detail.   Subsequently, you go to the refrigerator for a drink, only to discover a half-gallon… Read More