The Differences Between a Real Estate Team and a Real Estate Agent

When I first got started in real estate, life was great. I was doing a lot of business, and about eight years into my career, I reached a point where I had more business than I could handle on my own. As an individual agent, you have a lot of different hats to wear. I had to be a professional marketer as well as a photographer, I had to go out and show homes; and I was responsible for listing homes, too. There was a point where I had to decide whether I should turn business away and continue working as… Read More

Get an A+ in Back to School Shopping

By Lee Sherrock, Executive Admin It’s just about that time of year again–time to gather pens, pencils, and notebooks and prepare to go back to school! With so many stores currently having sales on supplies, it’s worth taking a bit of time to compare prices and shop around, especially if you’re looking at bigger ticket tech items like computers. Also taking a few minutes to check if you have any supplies left over from the previous year may put a few dollars back in your pocket. While you may find supply lists for your school in-store, you might want to… Read More

How Escrow Deposits Work

Today mortgage expert Kristin Jamieson joins me to clarify how an escrow deposit works and why they’re critical for homebuyers to understand. Ultimately, buyers must make an escrow deposit to the title company within a certain amount of time after the house goes under contract. After the house is under contract, it becomes an exciting time for people, especially those who fought through a bidding war to get to that point. However, in their excitement, they don’t always think about the next steps they should take. Wherever the funds for the deposit come from, lenders are required to document their… Read More