Meal Prep to Get Ahead

By Lee Sherrock, Executive Admin With school starting up again, finding the time to sit down to a meal at home, let alone make it, can be a challenge. This is where meal prep can be a real time, as well as money, saver, and it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. I decided to give meal prep a go because it was all too easy to stick a frozen, packaged meal in the microwave for lunch or dinner or to just eat out. If I already had a meal waiting in the refrigerator ready to eat as is… Read More

Shining the Business Spotlight on Cricket Stitches

  When Lorelei Hancock, owner of Cricket Stitches, started creating and selling her crafts, she never expected it would be much more than a hobby. Now, though, Cricket Stitches has grown into a successful local business. Lorelei couldn’t be happier to not only have a creative outlet, but also to be paid for it. Cricket Stitches offers gifts for all ages and occasions, including monogrammed burp cloths, stainless steel wine tumblers, custom embroidery, cut vinyl, heat-press vinyl, and more, to local businesses, individuals, and schools. To see for yourself the quality products she makes, visit her website at or… Read More

Buyer Programs for Purchasing and Renovating Fixer-Uppers

  Affordable move-in ready homes are becoming increasingly difficult to find in our market, and it’s leaving many buyers feeling discouraged. Luckily, Kristin Jamieson from Success Mortgage joins us today to educate buyers about some programs that help buyers purchase fixer-uppers and renovate them into their dream home.  Buyers looking to go this route have two programs to choose from: an FHA 203k loan or a conventional renovation loan offered by Fannie Mae. In their most basic terms, you’ll add the home’s price and the renovation costs you work out with a contractor and possibly a HUD consultant. Then, in… Read More