How Mathison-Klein Group Gives Sellers an Edge

Here are some simple yet powerful reasons why you should consider us to represent you in our market today. If you’re considering selling your home, one of the biggest decisions is who you should hire to help handle the process and the sale. In our area, homes sell for an average of 96% of their list price. The average home sale in our area is about $300,000, so if the average seller is negotiating away 4% of their property’s list price, they’re losing upwards of $12,000. Here at the Mathison-Klein Group, however, we’re proud to say that our average sale… Read More

Getting Organized for the New Year

By Lee Sherrock, Executive Admin The start of a new year is a great time to consider decluttering and getting organized! Whether it’s just the garage or the entire house, here are some tips to get started: Make a plan. It’s all too easy to get sidetracked when you’re going through stuff. Decide which areas you’re going to tackle and in what order, and then stick to the plan. Start with one small area, e.g. a linen closet or pantry. Getting even one small space in order helps keep you motivated until you’re ready to move on to the bigger… Read More

Why Advanced Directives Are as Important as Your Will

Having advanced directives in place is just as important as having a will or a trust set up. Here’s why. Today we are honored to be joined by Merideth Nagel, P.A., to talk about advanced directives and why they should be a priority for anybody who has a will or a trust. “These are things that will be taken care of while you’re still alive.”    An advanced directive is a term that lawyers use to describe documents that someone with an estate will need to sign to answer questions about who can make healthcare decisions for them, who their… Read More

The Differences Between Being Approved By a Mortgage Lender and a Local Bank

Today I’m joined by Jennifer Micklos from Movement Mortgage to spell out the differences between being approved by a mortgage lender and a local bank.  Jennifer Micklos from Movement Mortgage often talks to Realtors who tried to urge their clients to call her about financing their next home purchase, but their clients preferred to go through their local bank because of the relationship they already had. Many people think they’ll get special treatment by working with their banks, and that’s not always the case; banks can be more restrictive about how much money one can spend and which programs they… Read More