It’s Never Too Late to Start a Budget

By Lee Sherrock, Executive Admin Tax season is upon us again, and as you gather all of the necessary documents and go through receipts, it’s the perfect time to consider starting a budget if you don’t have one already. Looking back at the previous year’s expenses may be just the motivation to get started. And creating a budget doesn’t have to be intimidating or complicated. An app that crunches the math for you, like Mint, is handy and perfect if numbers aren’t your thing, but all you really need to begin is a piece of paper and a pen or… Read More

Investing Your Tax Return in a Home Purchase

I’m sharing how it could benefit you to use your tax return toward a home purchase. Today we’re discussing how you can use your tax return to buy a new home. Tax time is right around the corner. If you’ve already gotten your W-2s, you may have already filed your taxes and are awaiting your tax return. I have a recommendation for what to do with that tax return. You should consider speaking with a lender about what you could be approved for on a home purchase and using your tax return toward buying a house. It could be money… Read More

The Homestead Exemption Deadline Is Fast Approaching

Have you already filed for your homestead exemption? If not, do so ASAP! Here’s how. If you purchased a home in the last year and you haven’t yet filed for your homestead exemption, you need to do so as soon as possible—the deadline is March 1, 2020. It’s very simple, and doing so could get you two key benefits: 1. It protects your property taxes from going up according to market values. 2. It also protects you from certain legal resources. Click here to file your homestead exemption for Lake County | Orange County |  Polk County. Don’t hesitate to… Read More