Buy a Home


Purchasing a home can be a complex process.


Step 1:  Get a Buyer Specialist

Having an experienced agent guiding you through the process is crucial.  And a buyer’s agent is paid by the seller…not you!  So, utilize this expertise. We have a team of professional specialists who only work with buyers. They have thorough knowledge of our market, available inventory, and the required documentation.

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Step 2:  Get Financing

If you plan to finance your purchase, it’s important to talk with a mortgage lender and start the pre-approval process before you begin the home search. This will provide you a road map for your home search…and give you an advantage when you are ready to make an offer on a home.

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Step 3:  Start shopping!

Your Buyer Specialist will put together a list of homes for you to see. And remember that your agent is your greatest resource, so think of this as a relationship. The home buying process will go much smoother if you are loyal to the agent who is working hard for you.

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