Educating You About the Assisted Living Process for Your Loved One

Having the conversation about moving our loved ones into assisted living is never an easy one. Luckily, David Hopkins from the Benton House Senior Living is here with me today to make it a little easier by shedding light on this delicate topic.   

Changes to your aging loved one’s eating habits can be indicative of their general well being. When asked what they had for dinner the night before, your loved one may describe the hearty meal they cooked up for themselves in great detail.  

Subsequently, you go to the refrigerator for a drink, only to discover a half-gallon of milk, a scarce amount of food, and no sign of the meal they claimed to have had. On top of that, their trash looks to be empty—another red flag that they aren’t eating. “That’s the first symptom that you want to look for,” says David.

Another thing to keep an eye on is the frequency with which your loved one takes their prescribed medications. If it becomes increasingly clear that they’re skipping days or not taking them at all, rather than having a conversation with you about any discomfort they’re dealing with.

David not only has a breadth of knowledge on this topic from a professional standpoint, but from a personal one as well. His own father could not be convinced to have a conversation about the end-of-life process, but luckily, he was named durable power of attorney before his father was hospitalized. Because this title was conferred on him just in time, he was able to make the decisions he knew his father would have wanted him to make.

Unless matters like durable power of attorney, estate planning, the living will, and so on are handled head-on and in advance, you run the risk of a state-appointed guardian presiding over your parents’ well-being. Although they may determine that it’s most appropriate to delegate these powers back to the children, the process could prove to be costly and frustratingly drawn out.  

I’d like to thank David for taking time out of his day to share his appreciable knowledge on this topic. If you’d like to contact David for any questions you may have or for help with your senior assisted living needs, give him a call at 352-241-9994 or send him an email at

For any real estate-related questions you have, please reach out to the Mathison-Klein Group. We look forward to hearing from you!

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