How Closing on Your Home Just Got Easier

Starting next year, a new law will be passed in the state of Florida that will allow Realtors to conduct electronic closings. What does this mean for you? I’m joined today by Meredith Nagel of Concierge Title Services to find out. 

According to Meredith, this law is something those in the title world have been working on for a few years. Essentially, it’s designed to keep up with the realities of modern life. It’s difficult for someone to take three hours out of their day to drive to a closing, so the convenience of being able to do this online can’t be understated. 

It’s always been lawful to have documents signed online that don’t require a notary, but if you were signing a mortgage or a deed, you needed a notary, so what this law is really doing is something Meredith calls “e-notarization.”

“This law has already passed in 21 other states, but lenders have been slow to implement it”

Meredith describes an electronic closing like something you’d see at a Zoom meeting. The Realtor, notary, lender, and the Realtor’s client can all be online at the same time despite being in different locations. You have to verify your identity by holding up your driver’s license to your video camera, and then you’ll be asked a series of security questions. In this way, it’s actually more secure than an in-person closing. As you “DocuSign” everything, the notary can witness you do so. 

This law has already passed in 21 other states, but lenders have been slow to implement it—especially at big banks. Their legal departments still have to examine the process and see how it works out in a practical sense, so Meredith doesn’t expect all banks to adopt electronic closings right away.

On January 1 of next year, though—the first day it’s legal—Concierge Title Services will start doing electronic closings, and they’re excited to be leading the industry in this regard and offering the latest and best service to their clients. 

If you have any more questions about this new law or any title-related issue, you can give Meredith’s office a call at (352) 394-7408 or visit their website

As always, if you have any other real estate questions, feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I’d love to help you.

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