How The Outpouring Coffee Shop Aims to Impact the World

I’m here today at a brand-new coffee shop called The Outpouring to speak with Brent Joseph about the important causes they support.

I’m excited to be sitting here today with Brent Joseph at The Outpouring, a coffee shop that only just recently opened up. Brent is here to let us all know what this great local business has to offer and what causes it stands for.

The Outpouring is a 501(c)(3) non-profit coffee shop here in Clermont, Florida. They are partnered with a children’s home in Malawi, a landlocked country in Southeast Africa. The proceeds from the shop go towards helping the 90 children who live in the home, and they’re on their way to building a second home. Once the second home is complete, The Outpouring will support between 250 and 300 kids.

Additionally, they’ll participate in various projects to provide clean water and sustainable health situations for the communities they work in.

They get their coffee from a wholesaler that does everything via direct trade. Their wholesaler has relationships with the farms in places like Nicaragua, Thailand, and Indonesia, where the coffee is grown. This direct trade helps the entire farming community because it’s usually a local venture where lots of hands come together to harvest the beans they use.

And their coffee isn’t just beneficial to the communities that produce it—it’s also delicious! Brent’s personal favorite is the Thai coffee. They also have an excellent array of pastries, including gluten-free options.

If you’d like to pay a visit to The Outpouring and become a regular supporter, and/or if you’d like to support them through donations, they’re located at 2560 East Hwy 50, Suite 107, Clermont, FL 34711, in the Hancock Village plaza between Tijuana Flats and Ritter’s Frozen Custard. You can also visit their website at, where you can find a donation button if you’re interested in contributing to their efforts.

I’m really glad I got to meet with Brent today. He and The Outpouring are offering the community a chance to help make a bigger impact worldwide.

And as always, if you have any questions for the Mathison-Klein Group, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d be glad to help you.

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