Lease Purchase Program

Do you need to rent right now but really want to buy a home in a few years?


Our Home Partners’ Lease with a Right to Purchase Program may be a great option for you.

Whether you’re close to being able to buy a home but aren’t quite there, or you just moved to the area and aren’t quite sure where you want to live, this program enables you to lease a home with a right to purchase it at a pre-determined price within 3-5 years.




You can apply to the program on the Home Partners of America website, and if you’re approved, we will help you find the home you want in Home Partners’ program. Home Partners will buy the home and rent it to you, and you will have 3-5 years of rent certainty with only a one-year financial commitment on the lease.

Most importantly, you can purchase the home you selected from Home Partners at a price established when you enter the Right to Purchase Agreement, in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.

This is an exciting opportunity for prospective homeowners, and we encourage you to consider completing an application to the Lease with a Right to Purchase Program.








Chad Clark

REALTOR,® Certified Home Partners Agent