The Top 3 Reasons Why a Home Doesn’t Sell

If a home fails to sell, it’s likely due to one of three factors. Learn what they are here.

Typically, if your listing fails to sell, you can pin the reason why down to one or a combination of three factors:

1. The home isn’t priced correctly. A home that is overpriced, for example, will sit on the market for a long time, causing buyers to wonder what’s wrong with it. This leads to a listing becoming stagnant. Make sure that you stay in touch with the market in terms of your pricing. If your home has been on the market for 10 days without any showings or offers, that’s an indication that you may need to reduce the price of your house.

2. The home’s condition isn’t the best. These days, you’ll need to treat listing your home like applying for a beauty pageant: make it look as good as it possibly can. If your home requires some upgrades, look into what the cost would be to get those done. A home in great condition will have the best standing in a competitive market.

3. The home isn’t marketed well. It’s critically important to be picky about who you partner with to sell your home. The marketing they do for your listing will serve as the first impression buyers get of your property, so professional photography, advertisements on social media, and staging are key not only in making sure the most people possible see your listing, but also in making sure that they see it in its best light.

If you’re in the market to sell your home and would like to know what it’s worth, or if you have any general real estate questions, reach out to us. We’d be glad to help guide you toward the best outcome for your sale.

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