What Can You Find Inside the Citrus Tower?

Today we’re visiting the Citrus Tower, one of Florida’s first tourist attractions, and speaking with its new managing operator Scott Homan about what’s been happening lately with this famous building. 

Since taking over in January, things have been pretty hectic for Scott and his wife. During the first month, they looked at bringing in a coffee shop and explored some other options, but then a rush of ideal businesses they were looking for entered the fray, including Happy Troll Games, a board game store, and Tower Arcade and Lounge. 

What they’re really excited for, though, is the addition of Mountaineer Coffee, which is located in their lobby. 

Moving forward, Scott is committed to keeping the historical integrity of the Citrus Tower intact. His father bought the tower nearly three decades ago, so he grew up learning about its history and has a great knowledge of its inner workings. 

“We’re trying to find good and respectful ways to accent the history and merge it well with the new tenants who are coming in,” he says. 

If you’d like to know more about the Citrus Tower, you can visit their Facebook page, check out their website citrustower.com, or stop by their lobby and grab a cup of coffee. If you do stop by, I recommend taking a ride all the way to the top of the building—it’s a great family activity!

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