Why I Traded Snow for Sunshine

Lee Sherrock, Executive Admin

Seeing all of the recent record low temperatures and snowfall across the country on the news reminded me why I moved to Florida 10 years ago. As much as I loved playing in the snow when I was a kid, digging a car out of a mountainous snowdrift as an adult wasn’t quite nearly as much fun.

Making the move to Florida from New York City, where I grew up, wasn’t a decision that was made lightly. I lived on the same street for almost 30 years and had many happy memories there. After a few consecutive winters with single digit temperatures and lots of snow, though, heading to a warmer climate seemed like a very good idea. A couple of weeks before moving, a pretty fierce snowstorm came through, which I took as a sign that it was the perfect time to escape winter.

Although we do experience some cool days and nights here during the winter months, I’ll happily take them over having to trudge outside to shovel snow. I’m also perfectly content enjoying a nice mug of hot chocolate in 50 degree temps versus -5 degree temps.


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