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What You Should Know About Manufactured Home Loans

According to Kristin Jamieson of Success Mortgage, manufactured home loans can be done conventionally, under FHA financing, and under VA financing, meaning that there are a lot of options for buyers. There are, however, a few requirements that people need to meet in order to qualify: 1. The home must have been built after June 1, 1976. 2. The home must be at least a double-wide with at least 400 square feet. 3. The wheels and axles must be removed and the home has to be permanently fixed to the ground. To clarify, the home must also be attached to...
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A 1st Quarter Market Update for You

Today we’re going to be going over our first market update for 2019. When we look at the first quarter of this year and compare it to what we saw at this time last year, we’re seeing an almost identical picture. This is very good news for all of you. Right now, our average sale-to-list price is at 96%, compared to 97% last year. The average days on market is at 66 days as opposed to 64 days. As for the supply of inventory in our market, there is a 3.1-month supply, which is right where it was at this...
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Metro Diner: Serving Up Comfort Food

By Lee Sherrock, Executive Admin While on a recent trip to Gainesville, I had the chance to eat at Metro Diner, which offers a scrumptious menu of all kinds of comfort food. The original diner in Jacksonville was featured on Guy Fieri’s Food Network show, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. This was actually my second visit to the Gainesville location, and the food was so tasty the first time around that not even being stuck in stop-and-go traffic for 45 minutes on I-75 could put a damper on the experience. If anything, the unexpectedly longer drive just made me hungrier and...
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Part 2 of Our Probate Discussion

    What are some common probate misconceptions you shouldn’t believe? How can you yourself avoid a probate situation? Attorney Merideth Nagel, P.A. joins me once again today to answer these questions for you. The first probate misconception you shouldn’t believe relates to power of attorney. If you have power of attorney given to you by someone, that power of attorney ceases to be in effect once they pass away. This means you can’t claim it to, for example, sell a property. Another probate misconception relates to ownership of items within a will. Even if you have a notarized will...
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