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Agent Interview Questions

When you're selling your most valuable asset, you need to hire the most qualified agent with a proven track record of success - like our team.

You want a full-time agent who has team support and thorough knowledge and experience in our local market - like our team.

You want an agent who's a great communicator, industry coach, and expert negotiator - like our team!

How long have you been a full-time Realtor?

Brandie has been a Realtor since 2004.


How much experience do you have in my specific market?

Brandie and her team have served over 2000 families in Central Florida.


How many homes do you sell each year?

Brandie's team sells on average about 275 home per year.

That's more than 5 sales per week!

With that many sales - comes a lot of experience.


What is your average sale-to-list price ratio?

Brandie's listings sell on average for 99% of list price.

That's about 2% more than the local average.

Based on the average sales price, that equates to over $12,000 more money in our client's pockets!


What is you average day-on-market to sell a home?

Brandie's listings sell on averge in 15 days. 

That's more than twice as fast as the local average of 36 days.


Do you have a marketing plan? How extensive is it?

It takes a lot more than a For Sale sign and a Zillow ad! Brandie's proprietary marketing plan is extensive, proven, and effective. Call us for more details.


Do you have a team of Buyer Agents?

Brandie's team includes buyer specialists - providing even more additional exposure to your home. 


What support staff do you have to manage the marketing

and contract-to-close process?

Brandie's team includes dedicated professional transaction coordinators on staff to help make the process go smoother.


How often will you communicate with me?

Brandie's team takes communication very seriously!

We make a commitment to communicate with you as often as you desire.


How do you handle situations when things go wrong?

There are many moving parts in a typical real estate transaction - and a high probability of bumps in the road.

Because of our years of experience, we can often spot potential pitfalls before they become a problem. But when one arises, you can rest assured that Brandie and her team are solution-oriented professionals who will do whatever it takes to work through any problem.  

Get in Touch

Ready to find out more about how we will market & manage the sale of your home?  We would love to speak with you.

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